1. carton packaging.

2. flap boxes

Classic cardboard boxes are the commonest type of cardboard packaging commonly called the flap box. These boxes are easy to manufacture in precise dimensions without the use of additional cutting tools. We use three-layer and five-layer gray or white cardboard for the production of packaging. Double-wall corrugated cardboard consists of five layers. The boxes are supplied in the form of sheets as finished packages. Thanks to its strength and unique properties it has been used in packaging. Flap boxes can be layered, eg. on transport pallets. The weight of the contents of the package may be as much as 50 kg. Three-layer corrugated cardboard is supplied in sheets and in the form of ready-made packages.

“B wave” has been the most popular shape of the wave in Europe. Thanks to modern, durable structure, it has very good technical parameters. The low height of the wave (2.5 – 3 mm) contributed to a reduction of demand for warehouse space for the ready-made packages. Thanks to its properties, it has been used in bulk packaging, separate flap boxes and more complex die-cut boxes alike.

3. Boxes of different sizes:

  • separate
  • bulk

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